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Who are we

RITTMO Agroenvironnement is a center for consultancy and technical services in the areas of fertilizer and agro-environment. Certified ISO 9001, we provide services to industries, government, public authorities, ... in order to help developing new products, characterize them (efficiency and innocuousness) and help industries to put them on the market. We are organized into four thematic areas :
*Soil improvement, Plant Nutrition & Stimulation : Evaluation of the efficiency of soil improvers, fertilizers, growing media and plant stimulation products 

*Applied Microbiology : Development and evaluation of products based on microorganisms & Development of bioindicators of soil quality

*Environmental Impacts : Evaluation of impacts of agricultural practices on agro-ecosystems and on the environment (fertilization, mulching, plastic, ...)

*Engineering Process : Evaluation of valorization processes, Development of bio-remediation processes & Optimization of formulation products
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RITTMO Agroenvironnement is also a center for applied research in the areas of fertilizer and agro-environment. We develop research programs in collaboration with universities, research centers and industries to learn more about the agriculture of tomorrow.

Soil improvement, plant nutrition, plant stimulation, microbiology, environmental impacts, engineering process : need one our skills to build a reseach project ? A project idea but you are looking for funding solutions ?

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